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How to Calculate Shipping Tips to Get the Value Right and Not Have a Loss

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  • How to Calculate Shipping Tips to Get the Value Right and Not Have a Loss

    The world of e-commerce has grown and consolidated impressively in recent years. And with this expansion, the cargo market is one of its greatest allies. But the question that remains for most shopkeepers is: how to calculate shipping? The great advantage of shopping, whether online stores or marketplaces , is that in a few clicks you can find anything you are looking for and then place your order. Of course, this is only possible thanks to delivery services! When we consider the size of Brazil, it is more than reasonable to imagine how much the transport of purchases and, mainly, their price impact on sales. After all, bad shipping conditions are already pointed out as one of the main causes of shopping abandonment, showing the importance of this element.

    We all know that it is not easy to define the freight cost, after all, we want to provide the best price for the customer. However, it is not fair to take damage. While it's not simple, there are a few things you can do to help calculate your shipping cost. Interested? Good, because we prepared this text with several tips on how to calculate shipping. Stay with us to find Taiwan Phone Number List out more! What is shipping? First of all, in order to start figuring out how to calculate shipping, we need to understand clearly what shipping is. It is a word derived from the French – fret – and the name given to the price charged for the service of transporting goods or equipment from one place to another . The service provided can be of different modalities, such as waterway, air, or even road.

    All these modalities are valid, with the service being able to be provided and charging its freight. However, the most common modality in the daily lives of most people and e-commerces is none of these, but road delivery. The calculation of freight needs to take into account several variables, from the items being taken to the route taken, not counting any maintenance. In the midst of this, there are still two different types of charges: one called “weight freight” and the other “value freight”. Want to know more about it? So stay with us! freight weight Shipping weight has a slightly more complex calculation, which will be directly related to both the weight and the size of the object being transported. In this model, you must multiply the gross or cubed weight by the kilo value transported between the origin and destination.​