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  • Introduction and Current Products in the Pipeline

    Most of you already know me. I'm Brett (Braymond141) and I started MSportParts as a way to bring to market products I find desirable having owned numerous BMW's for the past 16 years. I'm going to use this thread as product development page. You can see what ideas I have in the works, how they are being made, and then hopefully be able to offer for sale.

    If you'd like to check out everything I offer, head over to
    Message me if you have any questions. Email is usually best.
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    3/20/2020 Update - Stay at home order...

    This is a project that I've tried before, ended up hating what I sold, and then for years (14 years, yikes) swore I would get right and have produced. I'm finally coming out with a solution to the faded ///M logos that every E36 M3 suffers from. You should all be familiar with the awful faded red stripe in your clusters.

    The order has already been placed for professionally made inserts to replace that portion of the cluster. Here's a peek at the digital artwork that was submitted.

    This is all being done on plastics that closely match the original and opaque ink silk screened from the backside as this process below shows.

    The bonus in all this, if it wasn't obvious from the layer pic... it can be backlit! Any 96-99 owner already has the ability to use their ASC off to light the logo. 95 and older can do some simple mods to power a bulb in the ASC bulb spot their cars don't utilize. If all goes to plan, this will look OE when the light is off too.

    That's all I have for now. More updates when I get them. | ig MSportParts


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      Extremely interested in this. Looking forward to updates. Illumination will be very trick.


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        Originally posted by jayjaya29 View Post
        Extremely interested in this. Looking forward to updates. Illumination will be very trick.
        I can tease you with this. It uses the ASC bulb on 96-99 for illumination. 95 and older will require some ingenuity to have a powered bulb in the ASC spot.

        MSportParts | Braymond141


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          That is very cool. Definitely something I'd do.


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            Msportparts flaps.
            DSC_0452 by Chris West, on Flickr
            class 2 splitter supports
            Untitled by Chris West, on Flickr


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              Actually spent a few days taking apart a spare cluster I had. Thinking of ordering some custom dials for it so interested in the refreshed M logo too!

              Just ordered a boot reinforcement plate from you too as mines pretty cracked at this point.


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                Got my plate installed, super simple and definitely works! Will get it powdercoated at some point.