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FS: E36 UUC DSSR (198mm)

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  • FS: E36 UUC DSSR (198mm)


    Includes the 198mm DSSR, 2 pins, 2 clips, 4 yellow bushings and the instructions.

    Will fit 95 M3 (9/94 or later) and 96-99 M3 and 328 models.

    Can be installed on a pre 9/94 M3 if the later style selector joint is used. I personally had this installed on a 6/94 M3 that had the later style joint installed by a previous owner, along with a hack welding job done to the original selector rod to lenghten it to 9/94 length.

    I did a shifter refresh and installed this DSSR and all new shifter bushings along with a Dinan/B&M shifter installed at the E36 preset and It would occasionally pop out of reverse. Since UUC seems to get alot of mixed reviews I removed it and replaced it with the AKG DTM selector rod. I also took advantage of the curve in the AKG rod and set the Dinan shifter to the E46 M3 preset which changes the pivot and further shortens the throw, and I have had no more problems with reverse popping out.

    I'm not sure why the UUC unit caused the vehicle to pop out of reverse, it shifted excellent otherwise, and there is zero evidence suggesting that it ever contacted the guibo. So if installing along with a Dinan/B&M shifter, you may or may not have these issues. I honestly don't know, but feel that I should be upfront about why I personally removed it.

    More info and additional vehicle fitment info at UUC:
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