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Matt's E36 M3 Touring Project

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  • Matt's E36 M3 Touring Project

    Some of you may remember my Techno Violet E36 M3 I had, project thread here -

    Unfortunately I crashed it on a track day, and I'm now starting an M3 Touring Project! I work at Evolve Automotive in the UK so will be documenting the project through our YouTube channel. Would appreciate the subs/comments on the videos but will also be posting on here too

    The car that will form the base of the project is a 1997 Individual British Racing Green 323i Touring. An incredibly lucky find, it may be the only one in the UK, and a handful ever made, as it's a pretty unusual colour to order, and then spec on a touring.

    For a little inspiration, here's a polish car that has had the M3 look done. Lower/more stancey than I intend but a little visual aid.

    This is going to be a fairly slow project as I'm trying to make sure anything I put back on has been cleaned, refurbished or replaced. Certainly not a simple or cheap task but I don't see the point in throwing something together.

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    ooo im curious to see how this will turn out!


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      You and me both! Hopefully well šŸ˜…


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        Latest update now live! Man I am not a fan of taking apart rusty components...


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          Latest update and a bit of a DIY as I give the underside of the 130k mile touring a semi-deep clean to see what Iā€™m working with rust wise. The joys of the UK means rust free is all but non existent, but I think this ones pretty close!


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            Long time with no updates! But if you've been subscribed you'll have seen the progress.

            Things have been going admittedly slower than I'd have hoped, but life gets in the way and there's no rush. I want to build the best thing I possibly can without a blank cheque.


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              I love the updates, keep up the good work!