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Jordan's 1991 M5

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    Nice progress. Love some good E34 content.

    Past: '99 Hellrot/Dove M3/2/5 | '97 S14 1JZ | '06 Triumph Daytona 675 | '01 330I M-Tech I | Current: '96 Estoril/Black M3/2/5



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      It has been months since I have really done anything to the car. I have the trunk stuffed with new parts. All new coolant hoses, various gaskets and seals, new crank sensor, all new bushings for the rear end..

      Here is some of the work I picked away at last month..

      Engine is still dirty! I need to attack it with some steam or dry ice. I plan on getting the valve cover powdercoated soon.

      Changed out the old and brittle brake booster vaccum check valve, hoses and replaced with original style Oetiker crimp clamps

      All new ICV hoses going in. Basically anything that is rubber will be replaced under the hood. 90% of the parts are Genuine BMW or OE only

      Talk about NOS (New Old Stock)! Look how yellow the label is!

      Nice clamps

      Gotta love when Genuine BMW parts show up in Rein packaging

      Maybe you M5 guys already know. But this coolant hose is very expensive. Order PN: 64211391386

      Factory PN is : 64211391286 but this part is over $400 for whatever reason.. The PN I listed works with the AUX valve without any issue

      You can see there is a MINOR difference in length, but nothing to worry about..

      How it sits as of now. The guys at Angry Ass are awesome and put together a great kit to service the vacuum system on this car

      I'm also tinkering around with the bored ITB's.. I dunked them into the ultrasonic and I'm happy with the results. They need to be fully taken apart, should get new bearings installed, adjusted correctly etc.. Maybe vapor blasted