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Jordan's 1991 M5

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  • Jordan's 1991 M5

    Here is a journal for my newly acquired daily driver, a 1991 M5.

    Upon first glance you will notice the car has wide kidney grilles. Around 10 years ago it had a full glass out respray and at that time it had a 1995 hood and nose panel installed. The motor is a S38B36/B38 hybrid. Visually, this is a S38B36, but it was fully rebuilt around 100k miles ago (2006) with a full euro S38B38 3.8 liter crankshaft and rotating assembly. It doesn't stop there. The car also has larger fuel injectors, ported throttle bodies, and Schrick 280 intake and exhaust cams. To top it off, the car was dyno tuned and made approx. 380hp at the crank. It passes CA smog without any issues , idles beautifully, has a great cold start and the AC blows ice cold.

    There's more..

    The car also has a very rare 6 speed manual transmission from a 1995 M5 along with a light flywheel and Spec clutch. Behind that, we have a 3.45 210mm large case LSD built by Performance Gearing. Stock 5 speed rear end is 3.91. Stock 6 speed rear end it 3.25 IIRC. So the stroker motor plus shorter gears is an absolute animal. This car has no problem bouncing off the rev limiter at 7500 RPM's and hanging with E92 M3's on the highway.

    Dinan Stage 3 Suspension. Sway bars, camber plates shocks and springs (SLS delete). Turner Motorsport monoball thrust arm bearings. I would like to sell the Racing Dynamics strut bar and acquire a Dinan strut bar instead. Other mod's to note: UUC Evo 3 SSK and DSSR. Hella euro smiley headlights, full euro bumper trim, M par's, Hella blackline tails, AP Racing 6 pot front brakes, 343mm rotor size.

    I think the car has a Dinan muffler, but I am not sure. It is an aftermarket stainless steel box with no markings on it.

    I haven't done a lot to the car other than a wash and wax. Pressure washed the engine bay, did an oil change, wiper blades, brake fluid, spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, oxygen sensor, fuel filter and a valve adjustment (performed by derrith on Instagram, check out his awesome E28 M5 which has a 3.9L S38 stroker).

    The short list is relatively small.. I would like to install 850CSI lower control arms, new strut mounts, rear differential bushings and rear subframe mount bushings (AKG). The car drives really well, but I can tell it has a bit of rear steer and some new bushings wouldn't hurt. A new coolant reservoir would be nice, this one is all gross. Already got a new OE lighted shift knob on order along with most of the suspension components. Maybe down the line I will rebuild the steering gearbox and see if I can get something with a slightly faster ratio. Fix the worn outer bolster on the driver's seat and get a Mtech 2 steering wheel. We will see how I'm doing with this list within the next month or so

    Stay tuned for more.

    First day home, haven't even washed it yet

    Yes I know.. I need a new steering wheel.

    Love this angle

    Dirty.. but not too bad. The motor was leaking from the rear cover plate (back of the cylinder head) but Logan (derrith) and I have already replaced it. I think the oil return tube is leaking a bit.. I have the new gasket and o-ring, just need to schedule some time to replace it.

    So much better after a quick pressure wash and simple green treatment.

    I have already replaced the rear muffler hangers.. Need to upload pics of the current exhaust fitment

    The E34 will be replacing my trusty old 528e

    Interior was fully re-done at some point by the previous owner. They did a solid job.

    In the garage next to my other two M3's

    Silver is such an underrated color for 90's cars, IMO

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    Ok, yes this is what we needed around here.😮


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      Loving this. I’ve been hunting for the right M3/4/5 for years, but have recently been swayed by a sterling silver M5.
      1988 M3
      WTB: E36 M/3/4/5


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        Looks like awesome spec, almost a Euro E34M! Beautiful car.
        One thing I'm not a fan of on E34 is tinted lights, but that's just me.
        Are you selling E28? If so, I might be interested.


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          Thanks guys.

          The lights on the car actually have clear lenses with smoked housings. I wouldn’t mind sourcing stock lights just to have, but the “smoked” look has certainly grown on me.

          Regarding the E28, yes it will be for sale. Shoot me a pm and we can go from there. I was planning to BaT the car soon.


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            Small updates:

            Installed a brand new M5 badge on the trunk lid. I followed an old PDF I found on M5 Board and measured it as best I could. I think it looks solid! Also threw on a new license plate frame, and muffler hangers. Another item to my shortlist is new window tint. Honestly, I prefer fishbowl, but this car will be living outside, so window tint would be nice to preserve the interior as it's in fine shape for the age.

            Also a few more photos from the other night while I was grabbing dinner and catching up with old friends in Oakland

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                Didn't do much this weekend. New motor mounts, front strut mounts, and 850csi control arms. Pressure washed the wheel wells a little bit. I need to go back with a steamer and really attack the undercarriage.

                Also have a photo of it next to my supercharged 540. It was interesting driving the two cars back to back. Definitley need to get some proper brakes and a new suspension for the Dinan 540 soon.. The around town power of the supercharged 540 is simply too much fun. But I will save the comparison stories for a different day..


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                  What is the overall build quality (specifically the interior) of the E34 like compared to your E36? I'm debating on getting rid of mine and going to the E34, but I don't want it to be a downgrade.


                  • Johal E32
                    Johal E32 commented
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                    Great question. I would say the E34 is like the E36 in terms of overall interior build quality. It was designed well, but not the best in terms of quality.. The trunk latch is solid on the E34, however the door latches have a tendency to rip (thin sheet metal)! Fortunately there is a cheap solution to fix it with some reinforcement plates (just like the E36). The door panels have a tendency to fall apart (just like the E36), the glove box can sag, the dashboard can warp, headliner can fall down. Fortunately my car has a new headliner and the door panels were redone in suede. BMW did realize their mistake and actually revised the door panel in 1994? and 1995 and they are far better build quality.

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                  Take the AP off so I can put them on my E36.

                  MSportParts | Braymond141


                  • Johal E32
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                    You can take the 996 brembo kit off my E36 M3. I think AP four piston brakes are in the near future for that car..

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                  Last Friday I stopped by Logan's shop and we inspected the undercarriage. Overall it looks pretty good. Diagnosed my oil leak - front crankshaft seal. Once Angry Ass has the SAP delete kit back in stock I can tackle all of this. Rear main seal / rear crank seal might be leaking as well but that is expected after 90k miles or so.. No big deal.

                  Subframe bushings look tired and the subframe/diff bushings are toast - ordered some new AKG 95A bushings along with a Genuine BMW diff mount and OEM differential/subframe bushings. I'm excited to tighten up the car this winter.

                  Other items on order: tie rod ends, steering center link, idler arm, new expansion tank, lighted 6 speed shift knob.

                  On Saturday I took the car on a rally with my dad and brother and we had an absolute blast. It was fun driving an old heavy sedan and chasing 911's and old ferrari's through the corners of the North Bay. What amazes me about this car is the amount of torque the 3.8 has on the bottom end compared to my dad's old 3.6 which had a Schrick 280 intake cam but stock exhaust cam. I will update with some more photos of the rally as I find them on social media

                  Here it as at the shop next to one of Logan's client cars. It is a 1991 M5 that is receiving a full mechanical restoration/overhaul. I can't wait to see it all done. Alpine white looks gorgeous on E34 M5's..
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                    Care to share your thoughts on the performance vs an E36 M3 as well?
                    1988 M3
                    WTB: E36 M/3/4/5


                    • Johal E32
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                      My E36 M3 is highly modified and has a high compression stroker S52 with large duration cams.. so I don't have the best idea of a what a "stock" E36 M3 feels like anymore.. The last E36 M3 I drove was my old 1995 slick top coupe which is a 3.0L..

                      I will say the E36 M3 is certainly a more friendly car to buzz around town compared to the heavy M5 with it's big lazy engine. Keep in mind both the M5 and E36 M3 have stroker engines, but the S52 certainly seems to rev faster than the S38. I find the E36 M3 is easier to rev match and it feels more comfortable going into tight corners. The M5 requires a fair bit of effort - after the rally on Saturday morning I was fairly exhausted after 3 hours of seat time. Granted it was fairly aggressive driving in second and third gear. This M5 has a very heavy clutch pedal (Spec single mass flywheel and Spec clutch) and the Auto Solutions shifter requires a lot of effort to change gears. Expect the M5 to make a lot of induction and engine noise around town while you are getting passed by camry's and corolla's. But once the S38 is over 3500 rpm it starts to wake up and will keep you pegged in your seat until it hits redline.

                      From my memory, the stock E36 M3 will feel like a faster car because it has more torque when low in the rev range, but the S38 will absolutely pull away from the M3 on the highway in third gear and well into fourth and fifth. The M3 will out handle and out brake the M5. This particular M5 will out brake and out handle a stock E36 M3. The E36 M3 is also a bit easier to work on as a DIY guy.
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                    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
                    1988 M3
                    WTB: E36 M/3/4/5