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Nardo E36 M3 "GTS" Build

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    Well after what seems like way too many hours planning and prepping a simple roll bar install and a few custom parts, the M3 is finally back together.

    http://DSC02348 by christian Labon, on Flickr

    Working from the outside in, I have to say I really am in love with the color matched factory splitter and gloss black OEM tray setup, it helps the car as a whole look more finished and I am super happy with the result! The rear is unchanged at the moment as it was "completed" before but I have some ideas I'll be working on now that the front is "done." (For now)

    http://DSC02352 by christian Labon, on Flickr

    Kinematic Speed roll bar looks like an art piece, but I'd much rather see how it looks IN the car. Sam over at Kinematic Speed was a pleasure to work with and the quality and fitment is excellent! In addition to the gusseted cross bars, I asked sam to make me threaded inserts that I can weld into the bar so that I can run eye bolts and clip in harness mounts just like the M4 GTS factory roll bar and they knocked it out without a problem! For a 1 piece roll bar you'd think that it would be a nightmare to install but as long as you are careful and take the proper steps to prep your interior install is a painless affair.

    http://DSC02328 by christian Labon, on Flickr

    http://DSC02325 by christian Labon, on Flickr

    http://<a href=">, on Flickr

    Detailed pics of the rear seat delete and installed bar will have to wait as I'm currently working on finishing an OEM+ Rear seat delete solution which works with the factory side bolsters and interior quarter panels. Was initially going to build it by hand but decided to take the extra steps to put the design into CAD and cut it on our CNC router, this gives optimal fitment and the option to cut it out of lighter and better(Carbon) materials in the future. Seats reinstalled with the addition of Schroth Profi II's which clip into the eye bolts for easy install and removal. Lap belt is strung into a factory seat belt tongue to make the switch from harnesses to seat belt a matter of unbuckling one and buckling the other.

    http://DSC02349 by christian Labon, on Flickr

    Much more to accomplish and finish but for now I want to spend some time driving and enjoying it before I think about tearing it apart again. Put about 70 miles on it Saturday night alone, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed. After having your car apart and spending seemingly countless hours and dollars sometimes feels like more of a chore than anything, especially when the car your working on is a 20 year old German sports car. But all of the headaches and frustrations all seem justified the second you get behind the wheel and run it out to redline. There are faster cars out there, more valuable, and definitely more simple to own and maintain, but even so I wouldn't trade the M3 for anything. More updates coming soon as I continue to checking things off of the never ending to do list, aka E36 Ownership in a nutshell!
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    Nardo E36 M3 (UAM3)
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      Still can’t believe how awesome it turned out with the roll bar. It really brings the whole GTS vibe into the car as well. Nice work, can’t wait to see what’s next!


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        Thanks Oliver! Always appreciate the feedback!

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      No major updates, so please enjoy a small photo dump as I've just been driving and enjoying this thing as much as humanly possible.

      http://DSC02949 by christian Labon, on Flickr

      http://DSC02962 by christian Labon, on Flickr

      http://DSC02797 by christian Labon, on Flickr

      http://DSC02850 by christian Labon, on Flickr

      Threw on a set of Ti Forged Titanium studs.

      http://DSC03260 by christian Labon, on Flickr

      Also made a set of side "M3 GTS" logos a la Porsche GT3 RS style but I think they will be short lived as I enjoy the clean look a lot more but time will tell

      http://DSC03360 by christian Labon, on Flickr

      http://DSC03365 by christian Labon, on Flickr

      Also added a 3rd brake light in the diffuser for "safety reasons." I don't believe the drivers around us are getting any better and I figure that any added visibility is well worth it.

      http://DSC03364 by christian Labon, on Flickr
      Nardo E36 M3 (UAM3)
      Nardo F80 M3 ZCP (ULTM3TE)


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        Wow! That is a beautiful ride! Congrats!