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Nug's S54 E36 track car

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  • Nug's S54 E36 track car

    After way too long my S54 e36 is ready for shake down just as the local track closes until further notice due to COVID19.

    I bought the car in 2015 when they were still cheap and did two and bit solid years of track days with just a basic interior strip out and half cage.

    Here are some videos from when it was running the original engine.

    The original euro S50B30 was tired after 200,000+kms of abuse, had no compression in one cylinder and was breathing tons of oil.
    Rather than rebuild I decided to S54 swap which inevitably escalalted and ended up taking way too much time and money.
    I also noticed some very fine cracking on the rear shock towers so thought it was a good time to do some reinforcements.

    Basics are
    Australian delivered 1994 M3, Avus Blue with cloth interior (long gone).

    Rebuilt S54 with the usual fixes.
    Karbonius Airbox
    Full Supersprint exhaust with custom ceramic coated headers
    Stock ECU with GreshM patch harness and HTE Performance Alpha N tune.
    Bimmerworld twin fuel pump kit and rebuilt stock injectors
    Car made 295whp on a dyno where standard e46 M3s consistently make ~250whp.

    5 speed ZF box with Xtreme clutch 200mm twin plate kit
    RTD non lockout Race Shifter
    Active Autowerk diff brace
    3.91 diff

    Purple tag steering rack
    Condor Speed Shop steering column
    Hack motorsport steering cooler kit.

    BC ER coilovers with 10/12kg springs
    Fall Line spherical RTAB and rear camber Arms
    Whiteline front sway bar stock rear bar
    Mason Aluminium strut bar
    BMW X brace
    Rev shift poly mounts and bushings
    AKG Reinforcements welded in
    Core 4 Motorsports press in stud hub conversion.

    PFC Z45 front BBK
    Stock rear brakes with brass guides and PFC 11 pads all around.
    Hard motorsport brake ducts (partial as external reservoirs on the shocks are in the way of backing plates).

    The interior has had a basic strip out with and AGI half cage installed.
    Carbon Fibre sunroof delete panel.
    One Velo Viper XL seat on VAC mounts and a Scroth Clubman harness.
    Velo R28 steering wheel on NRG short hub and quick release.

    Apex Arc8s 17x9et42
    245/40/17 Advan A050s
    12mm front spacers

    I think that's it.
    I also picked up a set of 288/280 cams and DLC followers in the old forums group buy but thought I'd shake it down first before installing.

    And some pics
    When I bought it


    Doing what is does best

    Before I ruined the interior


    Curent interior needs a bit of tidying

    Some welding in progress

    Big brakes

    The old workhorse S50 in it's home
    and out

    Header porn

    It's like a piece of art

    New engine in

    Some wiring

    and a tune

    very much looking forward to the tracks reopening and giving it a proper run.

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    That is epic, Nugs.

    I would expect 320whp+ with headers and the Karbonius box. Any muffler restrictions causing your, kind of low, numbers?

    MSportParts | Braymond141


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      Damn! I bet this is a blast on the track.

      Avus is one of the best colors and I know others will argue it is the best color.


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        Originally posted by Braymond141 View Post
        That is epic, Nugs.

        I would expect 320whp+ with headers and the Karbonius box. Any muffler restrictions causing your, kind of low, numbers?
        I'd say this is 320+whp on a dynoject.
        What do stock e46 M3s do on a dynojet?
        They aren't really used in Australia.

        Exhaust is supersprint the whole way, 2.5" resonated mid pipes and race muffler.