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Brad's 1997 M3 - Estoril Blue

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  • Brad's 1997 M3 - Estoril Blue

    Here's my ongoing project.

    1997 BMW M3 (E36)
    3.2L 240HP
    5 speed manual transmission
    Estoril Blue
    Magma Interior
    LUX package car.
    Purchased Feb 2014 w 123000 miles (now 141000 miles)

    The PO had done some really great things with the car. He was an apprentice tech at the big dealer around the corner, and I'd seen it frequently before spotting it pop up for sale. I wanted to leave my long time VW roots and try my hand at RWD.

    The car came with some nice stuff
    Conforti tune and intake
    Billy sports and H&R springs (now billy PSS9's)
    RD bars
    Glass ZKW's
    UUC short shift and DSSR

    Here it was the day I brought it home.

    BMW M3 by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    and throughout the spring

    DSC02419 by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    DSC02423 by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    I purchased the car with the intention of trying some auto-x and working my way up to some track days. I still think these cars are as good as you can get for entry level motorsports.

    Here it is at our local pad on (I think) my first time out with it.

    pic8 by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    First day at the track (Mission)

    10688109_1470654463196502_5497188955154793080_o by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    Putting down a respectable 215hp on the dynojet

    IMG_1610 by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    Since then, I've pecked away at maintenance items, tried out a few mods, had a few different sets of wheels - but ultimately what makes this car so good is how well it drives and how composed the chassis is no matter what types of conditions it's subjected to.

    ACS for a bit (still have these on my wife's Z3 Coupe)

    Untitled by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    Untitled by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    Untitled by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    Can't go wrong w Style 24

    Untitled by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    Put the PSS9's on around this time also - what a huge upgrade this was to the suspension.

    In 2018 I picked up an e36 stable mate - a bit of a mutt, 325is w a S50B30 swap (maybe I'll give it it's own thread). Car didn't last long, but the interior parts live on in my estoril car

    3E9DFF4D-0CF6-47DF-BAA9-61FEA02B1553_1_105_c by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    ACD6F850-73AA-46FA-B441-D722AC570C66_1_105_c by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    Back to the track!

    90DAC1A5-D1CA-4743-AD71-8B9BAF206BA4_1_105_c by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    129C6A05-4898-4820-A75F-66E3F67C2F98 by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    And of course, the best part of these cars is the community. Great friendships.

    Untitled by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    Untitled by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    CC80C71B-9409-4124-AE85-951934955BA7_1_105_c by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    Untitled by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    5722A7CD-CC6C-4ED4-8583-E8AF9318394E_1_105_c by GhstRidr, on Flickr

    More to come...lots of plans for 2020

    Finally get my GT wing painted and installed
    Finally get my headliner redone (again)
    Finally get my power vent windows installed
    Finally put some more miles on it!
    1997 E36 M3 "Blue Car", 1999 Z3 Coupe "Black Car", 2000 Porsche 911 "Yellow Car", 1993 Corrado VR6 "Red Car", 1993 Corrado VR6 "Green Car"

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    Looks great. I'm envious of your apparently perfect map pockets on your door panels.

    Past: '99 Hellrot/Dove M3/2/5 | '97 S14 1JZ | '06 Triumph Daytona 675 | '01 330I M-Tech I | Current: '96 Estoril/Black M3/2/5