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Ronnie's 2001 M3 Phoenix Yellow

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  • Ronnie's 2001 M3 Phoenix Yellow

    This first post is just an introduction to my newly acquired 2001 M3 with 114k miles in Phoenix Yellow. The car is being restored by Brett (Braymond141) and he'll be posting the details on reconditioning.

    I found this car back in July on Craigslist, Brett handled the purchase and pickup. The styling and a number of the mod choices are not my taste, but the sale of the parts is all going back into the car as you will see.

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    I'm just going to jump right into the numerous photos and videos I've taken over the past 2 months.

    Right off the bat a subframe crack was found. Performance Technic inspected it a few hundred miles before purchase and said "no cracks"... great job guys.

    Here's the mess we're starting out with.

    25+ gallons of Simple Green will come in real handy

    Some tear down and cleanup

    Clutch had no history of replacement so it had to be replaced and good thing I did.

    Broken pivot pin, throwout bearing twisted into the fork and lots of heavy wear. Clutch disc was on it's last leg.

    Fresh rear main seal/gasket and pilot bearing.

    Refreshed the 420G. New input shaft seal, guide tube, fork, pivot pin, selector rod seal, selector rod joint and thorough clean.

    Reinstalled with Rogue Engineering transmission mounts.

    Moving on to rod bearing replacement.

    This engine was replaced under warranty along with the oil cooler and lines after a rod took out the block around 19k miles. Bearings are just over 90k miles. 2003 crate engine so the rods use 10mm TTY bolts.

    ACL STD rod bearings, new OE bolts, oil pickup tube seal and red loctite oil pump nut.

    Engine and engine bay refresh time.

    Acquired a PY hood to replace the GTR.

    MSportParts | Braymond141


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      Ronnie decided he wanted headers, so I purchased a set from Brad @ Chicane Motorsports.

      CPV while in there.

      Cleaned all of the heat shields

      The stock header studs are not long enough to get full nut engagement so a set of N54 studs were used. Note; on the front header, one of the studs is too long to thread a nut on with the header mounted. You have to start that one nut first before you do any of the others.

      Install was easy.

      AC lines cleaned and reinstalled

      Drive side wheel well detailed

      New OFH, OEM water pump, thermostat, seals, etc.

      Detailed the front radiator support

      MSportParts | Braymond141


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        VANOS rebuild time.

        Dirty before pic

        Broken upper timing chain rail.

        VANOS all rebuilt with Beisan seals.

        New hub bolts

        S62 Diaphragm spring

        Valve cover cleaned just like oil pan, forgot to take pics.

        Spent way too long routing the o2 wires and cleaning everything associated with that. Still need to extend the one precat sensor everyone deals with installing headers (I want factory connector positions).

        ITBs thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled.

        This is my airbox, but I put it on to tease Ronnie. The supercharger will not be going back on so maybe an airbox can be done if the budget allows.

        MSportParts | Braymond141


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          Got the car fired up yesterday. Everything seems normal so I proceeded to continue with assembly.

          New Genuine BMW control arms arrived. Installed with OE bushings and Lemforder tie rods.

          Detailed the steering knuckles and dust shields too.

          Purple tag rack with 80k miles with a new steering giubo.

          All new power steering components.

          New OE radiator installed. APE X85 waiting to go on.

          Dinan sway bar reattached with new Lemforder end links (bushings are low mi so they were left). Note the Turner steering rack lock and passenger boot detached. This will all be finalized after alignment. Their rack alignment tool is amazing btw.

          Factory brace was a disaster.

          A little bit of gasoline took care of it quickly. Both sides are spotless now.

          MSportParts | Braymond141


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            New expansion tank and hard line clips.

            Fixing small issues

            New upper fender liners.

            Fuel filter and detailed cover

            Tackling the rear end is the last big job.

            Only one mount is cracked.

            Blasted upper control arms.

            Rear end cleanup has begun...

            MSportParts | Braymond141


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              Tank is out. The last bit of cleaning should be done today, then on to "weldy things".

              I disconnect the vent lines from the pass wheel well. Drained the tank into a fuel can by powering the fuel pump and draining through the fuel pressure schrader valve. Disconnect both body side connectors under the seat and then out she comes.

              Getting ready to clean all of the rearward undertrays and heatshields.

              The mess cleaning the underbody makes on my garage floor.

              MSportParts | Braymond141


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                More updates coming later tonight to bring this up to date. Just copying over M3Forum data for now.

                MSportParts | Braymond141


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                  Bringing this up to date.

                  Dinan exhaust cleaned up

                  Underpanels stripped and then ceramic coated.

                  Finishing the subframe work.

                  All of the overspray on the wires/rubber was removed after welding. It easily wipes off with acetone.

                  OEM seam sealer applied with an air gun.

                  Tank detail

                  Subframe assembly

                  MSportParts | Braymond141


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                    Man, your work is just incredible. Very therapeutic to read and see. My inner perfectionist is happy.


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                      Ronnie's car was completed late last year and I never got around to finishing the thread off. Here are the final details.

                      ARC8-R with Conti Extreme were purchased.

                      Fixing the fan shroud that was cut up for the supercharger. Luckily BMW sells just the frame so I was able to swap everything over.

                      Calipers rebuilt,

                      Diff resealed and restored

                      Front/Rear brakes installed with Stoptech street pads and Stoptech SS lines

                      Rear end assembly.

                      MSportParts | Braymond141


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                        Final stretch was done at my shop.

                        Detailing stuff

                        Fixing the Euro mid-section that we purchased. It had swedged tube ends which are not compatible with the CPI headers.

                        Vaporhoned. Some of the UK corrosion was not removable.

                        The welds were not great due to how dirty the metal was inside. Both tubes were sanded down for a more invisible look.

                        Exhaust and underside details going together

                        Decided to underside detailing was complete unless the sideskirts came off.

                        MAP sensor pre-installed. Ronnie just needs to do an MSS54HP conversion

                        Made a custom AIT relocation

                        Restoring the cloudy headlights.

                        New M3 air duct

                        Reluctantly the weathered Vorsteiner bumper is staying until he can afford a new stock bumper and paint.

                        Detailing the interior

                        New OE sidemarkers

                        Ronnie wanted the Vorsteiner hood back on for the Texas climate. It fits like shit, we both hate it. He'll fix at a later date.

                        Thinking I was just about done with the car I discovered this last minute. Both sides were cracked.

                        Stitch welded, ground down flat and color coated (not a perfect color match). Dinan strut bar hides it well.

                        Some final details were a new OE plastic undertray and oil drain cover.

                        And finally all done

                        MSportParts | Braymond141


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                          Lastly, here are some nicer shots of the underside taken on a proper camera.

                          MSportParts | Braymond141


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                            Turned out fantastic! Top notch work.