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Matt's Euro Techno Violet E36 M3 Evo Project

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    It was an optional extra.


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      Long overdue update, and another video one!

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        Really looking forward to this rebirth.

        Do you have a timeframe set or do you expect this to be a year or more (basing off everything you outlined that you want done)?

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          I’d like to have it driving by the summer, but I’m not too sure really. There is no ‘it must be done by this date’, just when it’s done it is done.


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            Next update now live, stripping the M3!


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              Very cool. I would absolutely love to build an E36 touring one day.

              I would highly recommend TC Kline Single Adjustable coilovers if you decide to go that route. I'm very happy with mine.

              Good luck with the project man, looking forward to the next episode.
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                That’s not a brand we get in the UK, I’ll have a look in to them but do think it will be probably a Bilstein B16 setup as we have a good relationship with them and I’ve got experience with them on E92 M3 and F87 M2 and been really happy with how they feel for road use.


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                  Great updates! I came across your first YouTube video the other day and thought the car looked familiar. A shame to have the wreck but between the rust and the mix and match interior, you'll end up with a nicer and more unique build with the BRG Touring shell.


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                    Looks like I can't edit the title of the thread so I'll start another for the Touring project, although admittedly it will probably just be me posting YT videos as that's how I'll be documenting the project.

                    Some of you may remember my Techno Violet E36 M3 I had, project thread here - Unfortunately I crashed it on a track day, and I'm now starting an M3 Touring Project! I work at Evolve Automotive in the UK so will be documenting the
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