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  • Introduce yourselves here.

    Alright guys, new day, new forum, new lockdowns.
    We've got some time so lets get a hello thread, with photos to reacquaint ourselves.
    Name is Chris, from the cold cold land of Canada. Owner of an e36 m3 for nearly 7 years and e30 m3 for a month.
    DSC_0118 by Chris West, on Flickr
    IMG_9320 by Chris West, on Flickr

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    TECHNOOOO. Love it.


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      Hey guys I’m Brandon. I’m from California, more specifically near Yosemite.

      I’ve owned my e46 M3 for almost 3 years and 30k miles. Had an e36 m3 briefly in that span lol.
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        Sup, folks. I'm Carlos and I'm stoked to have a new home here @

        Cliff notes: Proud dad first, lover of ///M cars second. Care taker of a '96 DINAN S3-R and an '89 ///M3, with an F85 X5M in tow for baby and grocery hauling duties.





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          New forum, let's start over. What's up everyone, my name is Max, currently living in Northern California near SF. I am a BMW product expert over at APEX Race Parts. I own a freshly S54 swapped E36 M3, and an F31 328d M sport. Some photos for those interested!


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            names troy, "hakhawk" on other forums. fell into bmws about 11-12 years ago and never looked back

            currently have my e21 320, e36 w/s50 euro swap and an x5 4.4

            the 36 is my crown jewel, had it near 10 years, and its been through some changes in that time. now its wide-bodied w/ a moulded felony form kit, custom paint, s50b30 euro swapped and on some bbs rf that ive built several times over. up until recently I dailied this since the day I got it

            84817266_2309567049340832_8247747151593996288_o by troy, on Flickr

            2020-01-27_10-20-38 by troy, on Flickr

            the x5 is nothing special, got it cheap, n62b44 with rear muffler delete, its my daily now, drinks more than the 36 but whatever it sounds good and I don't care if someone bangs it in the supermarket. ill throw some wheels and chunkier tyres on it when ive got money to spare

            20190617_114843 by troy, on Flickr

            and the car that got me hooked, my e21. this is my long term project, will be grp 2 over fenders, wanna be racecar spec. engine remains an m10 2.0, full built, but will get a bigger cam and refi, as im building a set of slide throttles for it. recently I finally chose the colour I want, Volvo rebel blue

            20170806_160327 by troy, on Flickr

            Untitled by troy, on Flickr

            once upon a time she looked like this

            Imgp0689 by troy, on Flickr


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                Hey guys I’m Stian. I’m from Norway😃
                I’ve owned my E46 M3 about 4 years and the E30 for 6 years now. Love Trackdays🏁


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                  Originally posted by bran.stum View Post
                  Hey guys I’m Brandon. I’m from California, more specifically near Yosemite.

                  I’ve owned my e46 M3 for almost 3 years and 30k miles. Had an e36 m3 briefly in that span lol.

                  I cannot get over how good this looks.


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                    Hey, I'm Daniel Monastirsky, live in NorCal and have an E36 M3 with a Hot Rodded S52. My dad and I share an NB miata that we constantly track and when I have the time/money I track my car. Unfortunately having oil pressure issues so tracking isn't possible right now. Looking forward to rebuild a new M3forum and make this better. Thanks Braymond for the referral, can't wait to see this all pop off


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                      Hello everyone, my name is Charlie and I'm from Rhode Island. This is my M3 which I have had since April of 2009. It originally had grey nappa interior and I swapped it out for a black interior with OEM CSL bits thrown in. I would say my car is work in progress as I have recently retrofitted side folding mirrors to my car. I have more planned as I continue my M3 journey.

                      This is my current setup - new wheels and big brake kit:

                      Every time I take my M3 out I always enjoy this car. Never get tired of driving her. Right now I have 180k on the odometer and the car has been perfect so far 🤙
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                        Sad the old forum is gone. But glad a new one lives on and people are still around!


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                          Hello Everyone! I'm Chris from Orlando FL. M3 obsessed in the form of a Nardo Grey E36 M3 and an individual Nardo Grey F80 M3 ZCP. Excited to be apart of MForum and share my builds with everyone!
                          Nardo E36 M3 (UAM3)
                          Nardo F80 M3 ZCP (ULTM3TE)


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                            Bummer about M3F but excited this place is up! I think most of us know each other/know of each other here. I'm Christian. No longer a M3 owner but still have a couple BMW's and will no doubt be back into a M3 at some point.

                            Going on 8 years of ownership with my 328i:

                            And my new project R53:

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                              Hey Guys!

                              Long term lurker on both BF.C and M3F, only posted a handful of times but never introduced myself. My name is Dorean from Denver, Colorado and here is my old Dakar Yellow M3 and my new to me Fern Green M3!

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	1 - Ax7AmUo.jpg Views:	0 Size:	578.4 KB ID:	106

                              On the way to CO from Cali:

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	2 - Ako9xUf.jpg Views:	0 Size:	687.2 KB ID:	107

                              As it sits now.

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	48 - qq6gdlh.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.75 MB ID:	108

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	43 - EJq0p12.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.35 MB ID:	110