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E36 M3 and E46 M3 resto modding

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  • E36 M3 and E46 M3 resto modding

    A bit of history.....Longtime BMW/Porsche owner have enjoyed both brands for a long time. I have owned many many M products as well as having owned various Porsche GT cars. I have been fortunate enough to have done euro delivery on a 16 M4 and a 19 M2 comp but have moved on quickly to other cars. I recently reached one of the pinnacles of GT Porsches having bought a 16 GT3RS. It was everything its cut out to be but the car market recently caused me to obviously sell for top dollar. Fast forward to the present and I've been able to accumulate a few cars. I picked up last September a 1999 M3 coupe in Alpine white which has been loved in many ways by the prior owners. I say loved just based on various modifications and the overall condition of the car. Since acquiring, I have performed plenty of modifications and upgrades myself with the intent of making a classic car as sports minded as possible based on criteria that i find lacking in todays cars. 2 years ago, I also picked up a silver E46 M3. I am on the verge of completely redoing the car from top to bottom. Once finished, I'm hoping to have 2 cars in the stable that truly represent M ness. My daily driver is a mazdaspeed miata, have a bananas MX5 2/3rds built and should have my potential forever 911, a 964 C2 coupe shortly. I will share some pics along the way. Happy motoring.....Sparcodog

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    What's special to you about the e46 and e36 over the new stuff?


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      My E36 is fully built with an array of modifications. The sheer size of the car feels just right. The steering compared to modern steering is a pleasure. Add in decent aftermarket brakes, suspension, and upwards of 270 wheel horsepower along with just about 200 lbs of weight removed and you have a nice power to weight ratio for spirited driving. The goal was to make a classic car to some degree better or even modern. My E46 will under go a similar transformation. Modern coilovers, modern brakes, CSL intake, bushings, SMG to manual swap, full header and exhaust, 4:10 diff, and more. Again, looking to create a CSL style feel with even better components. Call it a CSL plus plus. Nothing wrong with the modern stuff. M4 and M2 comp I owned where terrific cars, just feel the older cars have more character.