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SoCal (or NorCal) Dent Removal / Body Shop Recommendations

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  • SoCal (or NorCal) Dent Removal / Body Shop Recommendations

    Hey everyone,

    I'm interested in getting 26 years worth of door dings and minor dents removed from my 95 M3 + a relatively bad gash near the tail light as shown below which would require a respray. None of the other dents are bad enough for a respray/paint to be necessary (sorry for low res, don't think I can upload any higher)

    I've been f*cked over pretty bad by a certain shop in Dublin, CA a few years ago and have refused to go to any shop ever since.

    Would any of you have recommendations for shops? Looking for quality that will actually you know.. last?. Not some hole in the wall that leaves scratches so bad that you can feel them through the clear coat, and clear dripping from the roof down the door

    Click image for larger version

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