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E92 purchase...advice please?

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  • E92 purchase...advice please?

    Hi everyone, great to be here. I'm looking at 2 different E92s, one is a 2013 with 86k mi, comp package and a lot of nice upgrades and has had the RBs done. The other is a 2008 with 60k mi, bone stock, regularly serviced at the dealership with 2 years/40k mi left on a comprehensive bumper to bumper warranty, but has not had the RB work done. It's a dilemma between year/mileage and warranty/RB work. Help!

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    I would avoid 2008's simply because its a first year and there are few kinks that were not worked out yet. Competition pack is huge, HUGE plus. In addition, 2008 is a pre-LCI, with archaic iDrive vs. newer CIC system in 2011+, and it is MUCH superior. RB job is $2.5-3K job so factor that into equation. Plus, the difference bw 60 and 86K miles are not THAT much. I would go with 2013 without even thinking twice, unless we are talking like $10-15K price difference.


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      I'd personally want a LCI car with CIC. Other than Rod Bearings and Throttle Actuators there aren't many things that are common to fail on these.

      If keeping it fairly stock the Competition Package is a big deal, but if changing the suspension and wheels not so much.

      Brilliant platform, primary cat delete and a tune really wakes the car up. I couldn't own one without a carbon fibre plenum though, the noise is insanely addictive, a must have IMO.