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    Awesome thread idea.

    My very first BMW and first E36, picture is from 2008. I loved this car and absolutely regretted selling it for a long time. I just couldn't afford to keep it and sold it in 2012 with 70k. Eventually it had style 24 wheels and a few other "oem" mods but this is the only picture I can find.

    I'm a Honda Fanboy and for about the last 10 years I've owned a Honda daily and a BMW project of some sort.

    I loved this 91 Prelude...sold it when we bought my wife a new car and I took over our 4Runner for daily duty. If it had 4ws I'd still own it.

    I accidentally found this one owner 93 Accord EX Manual on next door last summer that was in truly amazing shape and couldn't pass up. 4Runner was retired.

    I bought a R53 earlier this year and sadly sold the Accord. However, my 67 year old next door neighbor bought it and he absolutely loves it too, so win/win.

    My wife drove this TL for about a year and a half and neither of us could just get into it. It was fine, but pretty soul-less. We sold it to buy her a new car.

    And the only car I have regrets selling, also sold to fund wife's new car.

    Been plenty of others, but that covers the last 6 years.

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      Originally posted by Cblock406 View Post

      Do you still have this car? I tried to justify buying it when it was for sale but couldn't let myself buy it, as it wouldn't get a garage spot.


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        Originally posted by SpaghettiM3 View Post

        Do you still have this car? I tried to justify buying it when it was for sale but couldn't let myself buy it, as it wouldn't get a garage spot.
        Nope, I sold it for the exact same reason. If I had the space I wouldn't have sold it, and it wasn't going to sit outside.


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          Used to own '97 M3 Sedan - 137K miles on it

          Click image for larger version  Name:	97M3Sedan.jpg Views:	4 Size:	1.10 MB ID:	1068

          Recently got '99 M3 Vert - 116K miles:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	99M3Vert.jpg Views:	2 Size:	1,019.3 KB ID:	1069
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          1997 M3 Vert:


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            My car history is pretty short, 14 years this month.

            On my 3rd car, but not of them is a previous car, as I still own all of them.

            2006: E36 328i cabrio. Bought at 165k km, now
            at 293k km. Was my daily until December 2018

            2013: E36 M3 3.2 cabrio. My weekend/sunny weather/hobby car. Bought at 78.5k km, now at 93 k km. Showroom leather smell. (Stole that from Braymond)

            2018: E39 530i Touring sport. New daily. Needed something practical/hauler. Lovely car for long trips.


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              1 by GhstRidr, on Flickr

              6 by GhstRidr, on Flickr

              13 by GhstRidr, on Flickr

              Here's a former car. Originally an individual build 325is in Avus. Racing Dynamics S50B30 crate motor installed. The original owner wanted a "euro m3" and this is how he got it. I only owned this car for a short while, and to be fair - didn't really give is a chance to make a great impression on me. It was an animal to drive, but lacked the refinement of an S52 for day to day city driving. H

              Probably would have kept it and improved it, but something more pressing arrived to take it's spot in the driveway. A car for another post.
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                '02 MB SL500 Silver Arrow

                '06 Z4M Roadster

                Model S P90D Ludicrous

                '89 JDM Fairlady Z Twin Turbo

                '16 Golf R

                '02 S2000


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                  i'd love to try an SL500 for a summer
                  i'd love to have a golf R for daily duty

                  nice cars - i like your choices
                  "I’d rather have your lux" - Braymond141 - 2021


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                    another one from the archives ~2009 i think.

                    mini1 by GhstRidr, on Flickr

                    these are funny little cars. still, pound for pound - the most fun car I've ever owned.

                    mine was a first year R56 POS. At 21k kms the timing chain tensioner bit it. Thank the car gods for the extended warranty. Took them a month to fix it. Joke was on Mini though - I purposely put 4k kms on their loaner driving it all over BC to make sure I was getting my moneys worth out of the CPO program.

                    I'm keen to get another one. These cars are cheap, and an absolute blast to mob around in.
                    "I’d rather have your lux" - Braymond141 - 2021


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                      This is a fun trip down memory lane. Not sure if I've ever compiled a full list like this. Probably missing a few from the past 20+ years, somewhat placed in order of ownership.

                      Current vehicles (not pictured):

                      2019 911 Carrera T
                      1995 BMW M3

                      2019 Honda CRV
                      2006 Chevy Colorado

                      Family (wife):
                      2022 Kia Carnival

                      BMW's first:

                      2015 M3 (F80) - purchased CPO and owned for a little over a year. Fast as hell but had no soul (I honestly didn't enjoy this car)

                      1998 M Roadster - Very under-appreciated M car, S52 with the top down was glorious. Owned around 3 years.

                      2001 740i - Owned for 2 years. Purchased from a coworker for $2k (he was the original owner). Put $10k and countless hours into it. Sold for $4500 😂. I loved this thing.

                      E34 (can't even remember the year) - Got it for free from a friend with a bad head gasket. Fixed it, sold.

                      2010 128i - My first 'NEW' car purchase ever, owned for 4 years, enjoyed tremendously.

                      ---- Others

                      2015 BRZ- fun weekender / set up for light HPDE. Really enjoyed driving this thing. Sold when I got the 911.

                      2015 Audi S3 - oddly I have very few pics of this but I absolutely loved this thing. S-tronic trans is a thing of beauty, Porsche PDK at a budget. Daily driver for 3 years.

                      1999 S2000 - still the best manual trans I've ever used, and probably the best pure driver's car I've ever owned.

                      1998 Integra RS - Rarer slicktop. Had some very light mods, ITR suspension, exhaust, other little bits.

                      1993 delSol S - car I drove in college, did a lot of autocross with it. Eventually swapped the engine with a CRV B20, then later crashed it into a wall...

                      1989 Honda Civic Sedan - Rare'ish JDM wheels that I don't even remember the name of. Skunk2 coils on Koni's? D16 VTEC swap with Apexi controller.

                      Not pictured:
                      Various boring stock Honda's
                      A 318ti
                      Toyota Camry