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Tesla Model 3 is superior to M3

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  • Tesla Model 3 is superior to M3

    I used to drive a 2013 BMW M3 Lime Rock edition. It was a pretty cool looking car. But it wasn’t a practical car. It’s always very aggressive and loud and always having to change gears.

    Started looking for a practical car. Then I decided to go with the Tesla Model 3 because it accelerates fast and can drive comfortably when I need it to. It was like having a sports car that was also practical and comfortable to drive as a daily. Also it drives itself, makes no sense to pay a premium if your car can’t drive itself.

    I can beat yellow lights much more easily in a Tesla than a M3. I got a red light ticket in the BMW M3 because I tried downshifting but didn’t do it correctly so it caused the car to lag and not shift in time. And because of that shift delay the BMW M3 didn’t pass in time and the light suddenly turned red and got a ticket. If I had the Tesla Model 3 I could have gotten into the intersection while it was still yellow and not set off the camera.

    One time in the Tesla, a new BMW sports car, like a 1 or 2 series coupe, tried to cut me off when changing lanes. I had the acceleration of the Tesla so that guy had no chance with an ICE vehicle. Then he challenged me to race, or heckled me, and then he gave me a middle finger and stuck his tongue out.

    BMW M3 is a bar car. It just looks nice to most people who just see cars but it’s just a noisy car that can’t even beat yellow lights on command. I hope BMW makes an M car that is electric in the future. But seems BMW owners don’t like silent cars. I feel ICE sport car enthusiasts just care about a loud engine not a fast car. I don’t even understand why sport car guys don’t enjoy the sound of a plane engine or live next to an airport because those commercial airliner planes have more powerful / louder engines.
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    Cool story bro


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      Great post. Would totally read again.
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        OP is a crispy towel.


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          Please post more often OP. We could really use your keen insight around here.


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            Originally posted by Westopher View Post
            OP is a crispy towel.
            He just earned himself a sticky.

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              This has to be a copypasta. And if it isn’t, it should be. Bravo OP


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                The "Amber Gambler's Lament".
                Feel ur pain bro. So many pedestrians, so little time.


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                  How did I miss this jewel.
                  Like, repost, subscribe.


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                    So - Tesla is faster than an M3. Got it.