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Temperature/conditions of car for spirited driving

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  • Temperature/conditions of car for spirited driving

    I’m getting an F80 M3 within the next week.
    I’m getting a PPI done on the car from a reputable shop specializing in BMW for a long time so I’m going to get a perfect car, whether the dealer fixes any issues for me, or they see the PPI report and take off the dollar amount from the deal to fix it myself.
    Just thought I would mention that.
    I live in Los Angeles, it’s pretty much hot as fuck here most of the time during the day and can be pretty cool in the morning.
    I know that when I get the car I can’t just full throttle the entire time and am going to need to keep an eye on the temperatures of the engine and the oil and all of that shit.
    Let me know what’s a good gauge on everything for the car before I can go all out mashing on the throttle and braking hard.
    I don’t plan on tracking the car, but It wouldn’t hurt to go and see a driving coach at a racetrack
    I just want to be safe before I do any spirited driving so I don’t end up fucking up the car.
    I hope that all makes sense.
    Thanks for your responses!

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    It comes with one - called temperature gauge.