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Comprehensive CSL Intake Thread

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  • Comprehensive CSL Intake Thread

    Types of Airboxes:

    • Pros: Perfect fitment, likely most durable
    • Cons: Very expensive (~$6000), very difficult to find, hardware (filter, clamps, shutoff valve, etc.) likely sold separately.

    • Pros: Cheapest ($1800-2000), OE replica, uses all OE hardware and ducting
    • Cons: All hardware (filter, clamps, shutoff valve, etc.) has to be sourced separately. Some minor fitment issues.

    • Pros: Includes alpha-n tune and all necessary hardware, designed to draw cold air without special ductwork, customer service. Available in both matte and gloss. Never heard of any fitment issues
    • Cons: Must use Evolve tune (unless you want to throw away money), does not use OE filter, cannot use CSL flap or ducting.
    Those are the big 3. There are a couple others out there. Geoff Steele is popular in the UK, but I'm not really familiar with the specifics of their airbox. VAC is supposed to be awful

    Wiring (for CSL DME Conversion)
    You have two options: Either buy an OE CSL harness (pn: 12517833336) or modify the stock harness. You can buy an OE CSL harness for $600 - $1000 depending on the supplier; it requires minor modification to work properly with a manual car

    If not using the CSL engine harness, CSL Wiring Harness Conversion:

    MAP Sensor
    • Requirements:
      • 12527507526 x 1 (Connector)
      • 12527502932 x 3 (Gold Contacts for MAP connector)
      • 12527510674 x 3 (Contacts for DME Connector)
      • 12527503411 x 3 (Rubber Grommet for contacts)
      • 22-20 AWG Wiring in assorted colors
      • Optional: 12527506431 x 1 (Connector boot – possibly wrong part)
    • Pinout:
      • MAP Pin 1 -> X60003 Pin 7
      • MAP Pin 2 -> X60003 Pin 17
      • MAP Pin 3 -> X60003 Pin 18

    Alternator signal (March 2004+ Cars)
    Option 1: Software mod
    • Download Modified Program (remove the ".pdf" from the filename to extract the archive)
    • Flash the modified program that's appropriate for your setup
      • If you're using the non-CSL bootloader, the "2113230401" file is the appropriate one
    • Modify your tune by writing "01 05 0A" at 0x5968
      • A parameter section is not included in those binary files. Modify whatever CSL tune you were going to use or already have
    • Using NCS Expert, make sure "GENERATOR_UEBER_CAN" is set to aktiv (should already be aktiv if your car is a March 2004+ car)

    Option 2: Wiring mod
    • Requirements:
      • 12527510674 x 2 (Cluster and DME pins)
      • 22 AWG wire
    • Pinout: Black Connector of Instrument Cluster Pin 2 -> X60004 Pin 1
    • Coding: Set “GENERATOR_UEBER_CAN” to nicht_aktiv

    IAT Sensor
    • IAT pin 1 to MAF harness pin 1 or DME X60003 pin 22 (Power)
    • IAT pin 2 to MAF harness pin 3 or DME X60003 pin 16 (Ground)

    Flap Motor
    • Flap pin 1 to DME X60002 pin 8 (Power)
    • Flap pin 2 to DME X60002 pin 9 (Ground)

    Flap position sensor
    • FPS pin 1 to MAF harness pin 3 or DME X60003 pin 20 (Ground)
    • FPS pin 2 to MAF harness pin 5 or DME X60003 pin 1 (Signal)
    • FPS pin 3 to MAF harness pin 4 or DME X60003 pin 14 (Power)

    Fuel Pump Relay Conversion - US cars only (Try running the car without touching the fuel pump relay first. It's not required for most cars; it has yet TBD what causes it to be required)
    • Requirement: Green BMW Relay (replaces black relay)
    • Pinout:
    • Relocate X60002 Pin 11 -> X60004 Pin 10
    • Relocate Relay Pin 1 to Pin 4
    • Pin 7 is unused

    For reference:

    X60001 is the top-right connector in this picture. They increase sequentially until X60005 as you go down and left

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