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Current value of high mileage M3?

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  • Current value of high mileage M3?

    Hello Everyone,

    I have been around for a while, yet removed from the forums for quite some time, as I am seeing by the new forum! More recently I have been contemplating selling my M3 and moving on. I love my car, when I take some spirited drive, it does put a smile on my face, pretty much amazed that the car still performs effortlessly for a 20 year old car!!! The biggest question is what would I ask for it if I were to sell it? I am a mechanic and owner of a small shop, so I do all my own work. I change my oil every 7,500 miles, using OEM TWS10w60 fluid and OEM filters. I use OEM everything for replacement parts. This car has been great to me. It left me stranded once in my 13 years of ownership, and that was when the fuel pump died. Here is a rundown of everything that I completed during my ownership:

    2001 BMW M3 - Coupe, Manual, Sunroof, Non CW package, 197k miles.

    Calico (Coated) Rod bearings - OEM bearing spun, and crank machined and replaced OEM bearings with Calico coated ones to remedy the factory flaw.
    Clutch has been replaced
    Rear subframe issue resolved under the settlement claim
    Vanos solenoid pack replaced - Besian systems refurb unit
    Unknown Brand of headers - no fitment issues, move cat converters to euro location, still present and functional
    Status Gruppe full exhaust
    Throttle Actuator replaced
    Feal Coilovers

    The car was fully disassembled and repainted in 2014 OEM Titanium Silber, front end would need repaint due to rock chips. Brand new OEM windshield was installed at this time.
    ICONS carbon fiber front lip
    ICONS carbon fiber rear diffuser

    My issues are just cosmetic. The interior fabric is coming down. Window seals are starting to dry rot.

    That is pretty much it. I would love to hear everyone's input. I am not dead set on selling, but If you were in my shoes, what would you ask for it?

    Thank you for your time.
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    Pictures would help, but with all the issues, history, and mileage, I'd say under $10k for sure.