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Cooling system changes track car

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  • Cooling system changes track car

    Hey guys new member here. I have a 2002 with 105k. OE cooling system. Prior owner converted the car to HPDE use. Roll bar, seats, harness, coilovers. Ive read about the need to get the cooling system changed out and coming from an e36 M3 its a high priority. I can't decide if the electric fan conversion is a must. I will probably do it but want to keep my Aux fan given I am keeping AC and drive to and from the track (80% track 20% street). What's the best way to control the electric fan? I've seen the mishimoto kit with a probe inserted into the radiator (is this good enough), add in a NPT in the upper radiator hose with the inline adapter that can be found a lot of places (my concern here is it's a new potential for failure), and VAC sells the small metal tube next to the thermostat housing that has a NPT taped port for adding the NPT sensor. Anyone here who tracks their car with a good solution? I was going to get a CSF radiator so I could have a shop weld a bung into the side to also mount the NPT sensor. Thanks

    Pic of my car