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DB9/996 brakes squealing like crazy

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  • DB9/996 brakes squealing like crazy

    I installed the DB9 calipers up front and 996 rears in the rear. New rotors all around with new EBC redstuff pads. As you might know, the redstuff pads come with a break-in coating that is meant to clean the rotor before bedding in the new material. I figured that’s what the squeaking was, but it’s been a solid 100 street miles with one bed in procedure and these things sound worse than track pads.

    I think the sound is coming mostly from the rear passenger side. I used the 996 front pads on the rear to get maximum rotor coverage. Worth noting that the oem boxster rear pads didn’t have this problem when I ran them for a few miles. Anyhow, anyone run into this issue? Any suggestions? I used the piston shims that Porsche uses as well.

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    I had this issue and ended up removing the shims and adding more break lube to all contact points as well as the back of the pads where the pistons meet the pads. The noise is gone.


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      I have lube on the contact points and have tried shims and no shims. The brakes don't squeak when they're cold, only after about 2 - 3 mins of driving.

      I wonder if it's because I used the 996 front pads on the rear caliper. It's the only way to get full coverage of the disc.