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Fuel cutout at low rpm and high throttle

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  • Fuel cutout at low rpm and high throttle

    Recently an issue involving what felt like a misfire at low RPM, but only at higher throttle. I'm don't mean WOT, but more of a situation where the more load on the engine, the more likely it is to cutout. There's no codes, but using my scan tool I could see that it was deactivating all 6 cylinders when it was cutting out. At higher rpm, usually it will let me rev out to redline without issue, even at WOT. I feel that the issue is due to fuel delivery in some way, but I don't know for sure what's causing the deactivation.

    I've replaced the fuel filter, and while that seemed to help it definitely didn't fix it. I'm not sure what could be causing this, and I don't have a good way of testing the fuel pressure. My current theories are
    1. the cheapo fuel pump I got a while ago (knockoff of the E8494M I believe)
    2. maybe the tank venting isn't working correctly, and is starving the pump due to a vacuum
    3. fuel pressure regulator isn't doing it's job

    If I'm missing anything obvious I should check first, advice would be great. I might try an injector cleaning fluid.