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Center of steering moving

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  • Center of steering moving

    So I'm having a strange issue. When I'm on the highway, I'll hit a bump and sometimes my center of steering will shift, left or right. Usually this is accompanied by a twitch of the rear end, but that always seems to go to the right side. I've checked my tie rods, ball joints, alignment, etc. Just got new tires front and rear (issue was happening prior).

    As of right now the only possible lead I have is that the steering rack is skipping teeth, maybe the gear is just barely making contact and when I hit a bump it is able to skip a gear? I've replaced the steering joint, and I can tell there is no play there, it's firm and fine.

    I'm out of ideas but it's downright dangerous for me to drive at this point, I don't feel in control at all.

    After tightening some stuff, adding fluids, and driving the car again I believe I wasn't right at all, I don't think that the center of steering is moving, but rather that the rear end is pulling left/right in a weird way, and that makes it feel like the center of steering is moving.

    So what could cause the rear end to be that insanely loose? It wanders all over as the suspension is compressed, I'm wondering if it's just intense bump steer to the right which would cause swaying left and right as the suspension rose and fell. So far it seems to be the most reasonable assumption
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    Rear subframe failure:


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      Well considering last winter I got the whole rear end fixed, cracks drilled and welded, reinforcement installed, new bushings, etc. This isn't the failure. I'm wondering if since I did that, it stiffened the rear end and caused some bushing in the suspension that was on it way out to give. I had it in the air but couldn't find any noticable play anywhere, so I'm not sure where to look

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    Update on this, I've gotten an alignment but it didn't fix the problem. Just today I realized that I could actually manipulate how the center of steering shifts by flicking the wheel hard at medium speed. I managed to get about 10° of angle both ways, meaning 10° of left turn was straight, and same for right. What could cause such a small shift that fixes itself?