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SMG Swap/ Cruise control and reverse sensor issues

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  • SMG Swap/ Cruise control and reverse sensor issues

    I just converted my 02 M3 from the SMG to 6 speed about 2 weeks ago. I had the dme, ews, dsc, and cluster flashed by a shop using autologic. I installed the gear recognition switch in the gearbox, and wired it in to pin 20 of x60002 of the dme, and into the 4 pin clutch switch. I also wired the clutch switch to pin 8 of the ews. My issue here is that after the flash I am varying issues.

    Mainly Cruise control turns on, on the cluster but doesn't engage
    my PDC (reverse sensors) does not turn on.
    the car will start with or without the clutch being pressed in

    there are other issues such as my windshield wipers move a bit when lock or unlock is hit with the key fob, and my driver priority unlock is turned back on but that's so minor its whatever

    I have tested the clutch switch like i was told is likely the issue from the shop i had it flashed at, and i have power and ground. Ive tested the clutch up to pin 20 and it hold a ground ~100 ohms until i press the clutch in then it opens the circuit. The dme at pin 20 is always producing a ground though( which i think is my issue). I also tested pin 8 of the ews and it shows voltage when I press the clutch in all like it should.

    Does anyone have any info on this? how the clutch switch should operate? how the gear recog switch should operate? anyone gone through something similar, or knows a fix? any and all info is helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    Did you install these along with the switch? The SMG parts inside that hole do not work with the manual GPS.

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      And did you install the correct switch? They are different between M and Non-M.
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        I would recheck the wiring for your gps/dme - If your starting without the pedal being pushed then something is not correct.


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          Has your cruise control issue been fixed? Solution? I have a '03 M3 that a local shop performed the 6-speed swap but have had no luck getting the cruise control to work. It turns on but does not engage. This is an experienced shop that says they've done plenty of conversions. I guess nobody really care about the cruise control.