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S52/M50 intake - Catch Can

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  • S52/M50 intake - Catch Can

    I have an s52 with an m50 manifold swap done by a previous owner. It appears to be running the m50 style venting (no oil separator). Its got a hose from the head to the intake elbow and another vacuum line as well - so it's probably sucking a fair bit of oil.
    The proper fix for this is probably an oil separator and drain to dip stick. I don't have a ton of time these days, and I'd love to enjoy the car a bit before properly diving in next winter. Searching forums, it appears to be common practice with boosted cars to use a baffled catch can between the CCV and the elbow - some of those posts are old and there hasn't been a lot of updates though. Would a simple turner (or similar) baffled catch can between the CCV and Elbow be a safe solution for the time being? I'd like to avoid venting to atmosphere as well.