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  • Aim of headlights

    Does anyone know of a link that shows the best way to adjust the headlight beams. I know how to make the headlights adjust on the car I'm looking for how far away you need the light beam on like a wall or something and where the beam should be landing on the wall

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    This has been my go to source in the past:


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      Originally posted by Bimma360
      This has been my go to source in the past:
      That's a great source. When I got my projectors + LEDs I didn't have any kind of guidance so I did them dead level (at a greater distance).

      I see I should have angled them down a little, but I never get flashed and have awesome visibility. Probably helps that we're significantly below that 34" height and the projectors have a really sharp cutoff (as far as not getting flashed).


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        Yeah after I set mine up, I had to re aim them up a little too.