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Source for S50/M50 Valve Covers?

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  • Source for S50/M50 Valve Covers?

    Recently found out S50/M50 valve covers (11121738410) are NLA. Anyone know of a solution for this? Source for NOS or maybe a possible aftermarket solution? I searched and couldn't find much except finding a used valve cover which I'd like to avoid seeing as it would also be old and possibly warped as well.

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    That is unfortunate. I literally bought one a few months ago. I suppose the only way to go about it is to do a latter m52/s52 valve cover conversion; but you'll need to also upgrade the ignition coils too.
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      Could you not re-surface the sealing surface with emery paper on a surface plate (Or plate glass)?


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        Yes, how bad is yours you need a new one?


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          S65 valve covers are also magnesium but pretty expensive and suffer the same issues the S50 ones do. Common fix is to have them stripped and powercoated/cerakoted on the outiside, leave them raw inside.


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            J!m - I was wondering how well something like that would work with the magnesium covers. I guess I could give it a try. Thanks for the input.

            MParallel - Its bad enough to cause oil to drip onto the headers after sitting for a few weeks/months, also causes a slight misfire and high HCs (failed smog).

            Mojo - I honestly believe that's where I messed up; A few years back I had the entire valve cover powder coated and replaced the gaskets. I removed the powder coat from the sealing surfaces, but maybe I did a shit job. I'll pull it and take a closer look.


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              I have a brand new one I may consider parting with.

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                Wow... I put a new one on like 3-4 years ago. Glad I did. I suppose everything will be NLA soon enough.