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Rear Fender Width and Clearance/Tolerance for Symmetry

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  • Rear Fender Width and Clearance/Tolerance for Symmetry

    Should the distance from the fender inside lip to the outside edge of the tire/rim be identical on each wheel?
    After searching, I found no concrete answer. Some say it should be unequal to give a bit of room for gas tank/filler neck.
    If it's supposed to be identical: I know the sum of the parts for suspension and panels could introduce an asymmetrical gap from tire to the lip of the fender. But what tolerance is really acceptable?
    I believe I am off 2-3mm. Newer bushings and no hits. My alignment is -2.6degree on drivers and -2.5degree on right. But some quick trigonometry making a triangle with small angle at the middle of of wheel to the end of tire (~10 inches for ease of math) and finding the far side distance using a 2.6 degree or 2.5 degree angle results in less than a mm difference at the far side. Its been a while since doing real math so we can assume some user error there. Or would .1 degree difference of camber actually equate to 3mm variance.
    Previous posts from e90 chats said they were able to even things out with subframe mounting points - but I don't remember having any amount of play to allow that.
    I only noticed this and became puzzled while working on some wheel fitment with spacers and tires.