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OEM Produced E36 Class II Wings - 318is/4 - GT - Clubsport (GT2) - Lightweight (LTW)

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  • OEM Produced E36 Class II Wings - 318is/4 - GT - Clubsport (GT2) - Lightweight (LTW)

    If you have ever wanted to see all of the wings BMW produced, here they all are.

    -All of these wings are Class II. This is a classification, not an identification.
    -All of the wings use the same exact top.
    -All of the wings can use the optional riser set.
    -The risers do not turn a wing into a "LTW".

    -318is/4 Class II Sedan specific base to accommodate the wider trunk lid.
    -GT Class II Coupe specific base. No brake light.
    -Authentic "LTW". GT Wing modified by PTG for the Lightweight. Cut in third brake light.
    -Clubsport Class II Coupe aka "GT2". BMW designed molded in third brake light.

    Not shown; There are two versions of the 318is/4 Sedan wing. The one shown here is the later revision with the certification sticker indent on the right side of the base. There was an earlier version that did not have this indent. I have owned this version in the past and can provide details on it. Only this early sedan version lacks the indent. All future versions including coupe have the recessed indent for the certification sticker.


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    The 318is/4 wing also fits the ti hatch with modifications of the leading edge (tips) of the base to clear the rear window. Otherwise, it is a perfect fit, clearing both the left quarter top antenna as well as the rear wiper (if fitted).