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    Yet rhd makes up over a third of production numbers for the non tractor engined 36s


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      I thought I saw two examples of the S50 header- one for RHD and another for LHD. It may only be 1-3 bank that’s different, but they looked like a cupped hand to go around the steering shaft. I have a picture of that version (on engine) in my swap book.

      The other version was still a tangled mess but the pipes were not all running parallel around the steering shaft. The headers don’t show in real OEM so I’ll have to search for photos.


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        I can repeat my self ad infinitum, but you know what, just look up the part in the BMW ETK and cross-reference it. You'll see yourself it's the same part for LHD and RHD.

        What you have seen was not original or modified.


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          Must be.

          I’m not trying to be annoying, but I can tell I’m certainly annoying you. Apologies for that.


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            I'm not offended that easily. Don't worry.

            I'll make it easy for you.


            Expand the usage under E36 (or Z3) for the rear manifold and see it's used on all models, LHD and RHD.


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              I actually confirmed this for my self, long-hand, via realoem.

              What is interesting is that when you select RHD and drill down, there are two manifold diagrams, but one is blanked out. Then select LHD and the one that was active is blanked out, but the other is now active.

              But, the part numbers for both headers are the same as you indicated.

              Now, to find a set for reasonable money...


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                If you don't have to deal with smog, or live in a state where it's easy, Burns Stainless has made a couple of 6-1 headers for the S50/2 that absolutely scream. He's a smaller operation but basically everything he makes is a work of art, which yes, you'll pay for.


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                  I'm leaning toward the AFE option, if I can't fine OEM for reasonable money.

                  AFE is about 1500 for the header(s) and mid pipes with cats. Since I have to fab the rear anyway, it might be a good option. H-pipe, not an X-pipe but otherwise looks quite nice. I know Dave at AFE somewhat well enough to ask for some technical information on them, but they have all four O2 sensor bungs and look to be well made of stainless tubing. It'll be a no-brainer if he has data to indicate higher flow rate than stock Euro headers, since anything else that would/could surpass the Euro flow would be at least double that money if not more.

                  I think I'll reach out now actually....


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                    You mentioned Supersprint vs Euro Headers, this is a test I've done on my own car, and I can confirm they do make power, not just on the dyno but the throttle response was noticeably better.