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  • Style 24 fronts

    Are the polished Style 24 fronts officially NLA? They have been on backordered for almost a year now.

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    (850) 7.5” is NLA.

    I think there are less than 100 of the 8.5” (860) worldwide and probably discontinued after that.

    Expect prices to steadily climb for those. Well,
    to the extent they haven’t already.


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      Ok, thanks. That's what I figured.

      Do you have any idea how many of the Style 24M stamped 8.5s are floating around any more?


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        I was told there were about 92 worldwide. They don't show as discontinued yet but very likely they will after these are are all sold. When there were six (6) of the 7.5" (850) wheels left they didn't show as NLA either but once they were all sold the status changed to discontinued. Besides I'm not sure why they would still continue to produce the 8.5" if the other is NLA. But who knows.


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          NLA yes. Ask me how I know.

          I even contacted Fuchs, the OEM of the styling 24's, but nothing.


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            I have a question on the style 24.

            are the part number differences purely cosmetic, or are the “Motorsport” engraved ones forged (as it says in the sales sheet) and the ones with the little “M” sticker simply cast? (Method is not specified between forged or cast)

            I’ve heard conflicting reports both ways over the years so I’d like to know.

            My gut says they are the same wheel, because having two separate production methods for essentially the exact same thing doesn’t make any sense. But BMW is not known for making sense.


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              Yes the different part numbers are purely cosmetic. There's technically no conflict because the people who say any of these wheels are cast are quite simply ignoramuses. We (me Brett and others) have explained and provided evidence ad nauseam.

              The reason for the differences in style/look makes perfect sense if you understand BMW Motorsport and M history.

              They are all Schmiederäder option code S783.


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                Thank you for that clarification.