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Valve cover gasket replacement

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  • Valve cover gasket replacement

    I been noticing some smoke almost like fog coming thru the vents only when he AC is on. I’m assuming it’s coming from the valve cover gaskets? The gasket is seeping a bit.

    should I go with an OEM gasket or Reinz?

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    Sos 🥴


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      That's less likely to be VC gasket than it is to be simply the moisture evaporating off of the AC coils when the compressor occasionally kicks off. Where I live, it happens quite often on warm humid nights in all of the cars.

      If it was oil smoke and that visible you'd he getting absolutely gassed out inside the cabin- does it absolutely reek of burnt oil?


      • Bimmerboy93
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        No there’s actually no smell at all and it’s more of a fog than actual smoke. So there’s really nothing I can do about it?
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      Yeah if there's no smell, it's definitely just (literally is fog) from the Air Conditioner. Maybe using the recirc feature (or not using it if you have been) can help- I imagine it's just due to the weather wherever you are. Every time the AC compressor kicks off, the moisture evaporates rapidly and goes out of the vents as fog. Most all older cars do it under the right conditions, though sometimes it's not noticeable.


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        +1 for Jonohhh's description. If it was VC, you'd smell oil