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LSD / Diff rebuild

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  • LSD / Diff rebuild

    tspencerj did a great writeup on completely redoing the differential.

    My clutches are fairly worn and starting to slip, but aside from that my diff is in great shape - no noise, binding, etc. They do still hold to some extent, but they're down from the original 80 ft lb ballpark.

    I bought a 4 clutch setup from Racing Diffs and have all the needed hardware to do the full rebuild aside from the pinion bearings and seals.

    I'm also relatively short on time available. I just finished rebuilding the LS3 in my Escalade in time for a family vacation (which I'm currently enjoying). It was not voluntary and put me back a good 6 weeks from a project management perspective.

    I get home with about 5 days to spare before a track day at COTA. I also have some suspension work I'd like to do along with a track pad / flush to do (also, I have a full time job that ISN'T working on my car).

    I'm inclined to just leave it and run it with the tired clutch packs and do all this later, but I'm also aware that a simple gut / cap swap would only take me an evening. Maybe do the output bearings and seals, too - that shouldn't change the shims or require figuring out the preload stuff, right?