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  • OFF TOPIC: Home garage car lift

    Apologies if this is too far off topic.

    I'm getting ready to build a new garage/shop, a separate building next to my house. I'll have about 11' of ceiling height. I'd like to install a lift so I can work on a car without having to put myself on a creeper (getting too old for that). I'd trying to decide now the type of lift in order to pour an adequate concrete floor.

    I'm leaning toward a 4 post over a 2 post for stability reasons but I'm not sure how restrictive the underside access is. How about a scissors lift?

    Does anyone have a lift? Suggestions?


    (Yes, I've been offline for a very long time )

    Joe's 1998 M3 Journal

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    Hey Joe!

    With a solid 11' of ceiling space I would get a 2-post lift. I have 10' in my shop and get by (at 6'1 hunching some) quite well with my 2-post Twin Busch. 11' would allow me to stand straight and have a few inches of clearance. You can also do other bigger cars but a rolling seat will be required.

    My lift is cable under, so I can bring the top of the car roof right up to the ceiling. The only disadvantage is that there is the middle ramp hump to cover the cables between posts. A cable over lift gives you a totally clear underside area but you are restricted by upper cable height requirements.

    Regardless, 2-post is the way to go. Just do the concrete properly with rebar, thickness, mix-ins specific for your use.

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      Hi Brett!

      Long time. I think see your lift in Jim's M3 Restoration thread. I know a 2 post has the best access. My stability fears may be irrational. I'll check out the Busch lifts. If everything goes to plan, I'll have a new garage by end of year. I've been out of commission for a while. I'm now back to normal and can pick up where I left off, starting with getting my car out of storage.
      Joe's 1998 M3 Journal


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        Glad to see you back.

        The only time a 2-post is dangerous is ignoring extreme imbalances. You might see in Jim's thread that I used jack pads to ratchet strap the chassis to the lift arms when the rear end was dropped and then the engine. After those two big weight items came out, the straps were not necessary.

        I'm not recommending Twin Busch, it just fit my budget. Get the best lift that you can afford.

        MSportParts | Braymond141


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          I had plans like this and my adder is to stress the mounting point locations be properly engineered, is also consider up-lights in the floor, if you’re pouring a slab. Radiant heat goes without saying if you’re in cooler climates. Laying on a cold slab is not fun, even if the air is warm.
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