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BMW M3 GT video by TheSmokingTire - Can you spot the inaccurate/wrong info?

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    I wouldn't call an M3-R stock, but I understand what you mean. Did BMW deliver the front Styling 29's (aka BBS RC041/042) with outboard mounted centers like that?

    Regarding the alu door, if you ordered side airbags (even when you would normally get alu doors without them) or later on when they became standard fitment, you never got alu doors, because airbag deployment would 'redesign' the door instead of protecting your body.


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      Wheels as delivered, noted that on the 4 I've looked at, and yeah airbag cars got the std doors, why that 97 was an oddity to me

      One of them still around was butchered when the owner (apparently not the current, skeptical) had a sunroof, aircon, stereo etc installed. Another was written off and may or may not have a full driveline swap night before it was carted away. Another stolen from storage prior to Targa
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        M3-R is a great car but is a dealer/importer special rather than something worked on my BMW M. Similar the CLS is also superb.