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Changing up Suspension - Looking for Advice/Feedback

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    The trick with dampers is making sure that they are valved appropriately for the given spring rates being used. A custom damper like MCS/JRZ/etc can be set up to just as comfortable as anything else(arguably more so as you have far more options with respect to tuning the force/velocity curves), but you can't just order a standard set of MCS/JRZ/etc(that are valved to support 1000+ lb/in springs) and slap on soft springs and expect it to ride comfortably.


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      Originally posted by JV_ View Post
      If you aren't happy with a Koni based setup, a Bilstein and moreso MCS will feel miserable. Stock style setup is best for outright comfort, but pairing it with aggressive tires will do your goal a little bit of a disservice. 17's are better than 18's though. Dinan and H&R OE sport springs won't give you the drop you desire.

      TCK 300/400 are the most comfortable coilover setup, but it sounds like you'd be a prime candidate for Shaikh's services especially since you're local. I've met him and ridden in his car - he is everything the guys above have said, very helpful guy and knows how to make suspension work the way you want it to. I'd spend my money at Fatcat over a premium damper (been there, done that, hated them for street use/longevity).
      Thanks, will definitely be giving FatCat a call, the more I think about it the more I'm leaning that way. I really like the idea of a fully though out system, instead of buying a kit and wondering if things like my sway bars are optimal for the setup.


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        i has coilovers and it was unbearable. went to the dinan suspension and its divine.


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          Quick update if anyone is interested - After lots of thought and weighing the options I've decided to go with the Dinan Spring / OEM Sachs combo (for now at least). Parts from Dinan and FCP are on their way and I should be installing them in the next couple of weeks. Will definitely provide feedback once I have some time with the setup.

          I realized that it's been over 15 years since I've had an OEM-like suspension on the car, and I honestly just want to remember what it feels like. If it's not what I'm looking for I will revisit the other options again in the future.

          Really appreciate the feedback on this, thanks again!
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            How did the setup end up 2 months later? I’m sick of my BC coils feeling horrid and am after a worthwhile upgrade for my vert.

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          Originally posted by Braymond141 View Post
          None of those are good options except for OE for ultimate stock like feel (pair with Dinan springs) or TCK S/A with the springs rates you selected.

          All Bilstein are TERRIBLE for ride comfort on the E36.
          Sad to say, this is sooooooo true.


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            Finally got the new suspension installed about a week ago, will post pics soon of the install with before/after ride heights and full impressions.

            Initial impressions after driving a few miles are really positive, really glad I went this route. Car is so comfy, I can't believe I dealt with coil-overs for so long. Suspension doesn't feel floaty at all, still feels stiff, and with thicker sway bars I don't notice any change in body roll. Everything is just so compliant and it simply soaks up the bumps.

            I need to get it aligned properly (did a quick alignment with toe plates and digital angle gauge for the rear to safely drive a few miles.)


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              I don't find my PSS9's that uncomfortable really. Unless on its hardest setting, that feels like solid suspension and breaks your spine. I switch back from the M3 to the 328i on stock suspension and while it definitely feels softer, and therefor the M3 stiffer, but suits the car.


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                I actually have TCKline S/A 400/400 for about 8k miles now. Fantastic setup and more street friendly than most coilovers. I just recently had corner balancing done and it really came to life after an alignment with more camber.