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  • Freon Evacuation

    Was thinking I might pull my s50 for a refresh and bay cleaning, but am wondering how to go about capturing freon before I remove the subframe. Is there a kit I can purchase/jerry rig or should I look into something like a mobile auto service?

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    The best way to have this done is to take it to a shop and have them purge the system. I imagine most folks just vent it into the atmosphere, but I'd feel like a giant douche doing so, especially if you have the means to get it taken care of properly.


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      I had a local shop evacuate my AC system. They didn't charge me anything. But it should be free or very cheap to have a professional do it.

      Don't vent it into the atmosphere as Jayson said.


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        The car is in pieces at the moment so I can’t take it to a shop. I might just buy a recovery container, create vacuum inside it and let the system bleed into it as much as it can. A recovery machine alone is over $400 and every mobile mechanic I’ve called doesn’t perform the service.