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Code P0303 Misfire Cylinder 3 - Bad coil?

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  • Code P0303 Misfire Cylinder 3 - Bad coil?

    I changed my sparked plugs months ago but never my coils. I was at a drive-thru and all of a sudden the car felt like it wanted to stall and die. It felt like that for maybe 2-3 minutes after I drove away after that the car felt fine and has not happened again. (I don't use the car that often) No check engine light came on but I pulled that code when I got home.

    Should I replace my coils? I see Dinan released some coils for the S52 for a decent price what that be a good option?

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    Clear codes, move the coil to a different cylinder and see if the misfire follows.


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      It may be worth inspecting the plugs just to be sure they are gapped correctly, alongside swapping the coils. If it happens again, it is pretty easy to troubleshoot the bad coil/cylinder by unplugging each coil while the engine is running and observing any difference.


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        I forgot to mention I did check the plugs everything looked ok. My coils do look to be original from 97 except one that must have been replaced by the previous owner.