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Best rear end bushings kit.

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  • Best rear end bushings kit.

    I'm looking into refreshing the rear end on my 97 M3 I was thinking of going with the kit offered by ECS Tuning.

    Is there a better option?

    Also, what's a good price for labor? I got quoted 16 hours about $1800 dollars. To me, that sounds like way too much. I don't have the space or tools to do the job myself at the moment.

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    Eh, if you are not doing it yourself then I would only have the rear trailing arms addressed. I would save the subframe bushings for when you need to have your differential serviced or something else that goes along with it. Regarding the parts, Lemforder is mostly what you want, though I've had to substitute some Meyle HD recently due to parts availability. Some other items are only available from BMW.


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      That kit is quite comprehensive but a bit overkill unless you're aiming to do a complete overhaul.

      If you're trying to save a couple bucks I would only address the RTABs and the front diff bushing. Replace both with OEM rubber or equivalent and install limiters with the new RTAB bushings. Will be good to go for many more miles after that.

      That labor price sounds about right, to install all the bushings is a lot of time/work.
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        What's exactly are the limiters for? Any suggestion for rtabs for street use?

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      I just did a complete rear end overhaul on my E36 M3 track car with a friend of mine. I think $1800 labor to do everything (including reinforcements) is a very fair price from a shop.

      I put together a spreadsheet which might help you, but please take it with a grain of salt as many of the parts are likely too aggressive for a street driven E36 M3.


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        Thanks, guys I think I'm just going to do the Rtabs I know they're toast and that's probably where the clunking is coming from.


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          I just did this rear end refresh. Made a world of difference to the car.
          Westopher pointed me in the direction of a kit that FCP sells for $500. Pretty much the same kit minus rtab limiters, shock mounts and reinforcements.

          I did the job myself, and took longer than I want to admit. Other than the time spent popping the bushings in and out, its a pretty quick job. A local shop did a friends car for about 1000CAD.
          It's a good opportunity to do guibo, trans mounts, and shifter parts while everything is easily accessible.


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            The limiters limit the travel the rear trailing arm is allowed to move when using the stock rubber bushings. Its mostly a crutch for worn bushings but the stock rubber bushings allow too much deflection and thus can wear out the bushings faster. There is no NVH penalty when using the limiters.

            For a street driven car, rubber OE/Lemforder bushings with limiters is the best solution.