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motorsport strut brace and hood?

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    I have the same set up and no issues with it... You think the material under the nuts of the casting is that different in thickness? If so, I'd add a washer to the top, where the nut bears on the aluminum, to distribute the load across the thinner casting.


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      Not sure why the discrepancy; if i ever have both the RR off and the OE snapped one in same general location i'll measure them up. Washer idea was a consideration but i went with the slight trim of the capnut so i have full thread pitch in-safe engagement, probably a decision based on habitual aero eng ocd-ness

      In any case, something that may or may not be present from vehicle to vehicle and their various configurations


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        I oversee P&W F100-229 HPC blade overhaul here...


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          Instead of shaving the capnut, I would have put a small shim of the same height you needed to shave off and put it between the strut tower and brace mounting plate. This prevents direct contact i.e. paint damage to the top of the strut I often see.

          I did this when I got my OEM Motorsport brace, although I didn't need to do it for anything other than protecting the paint. Mine does have the reinforcement plates, so could be that without the studs are too long, though I doubt it, as the GT it was originally made for is based on the 3.0, which didn't come with these plates.