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Reintroduction + Japan M3

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  • Reintroduction + Japan M3

    Hey guys,
    I’m from back in the og m3F days.

    I’m Geoby, I had an e36 m3/4/5 with 212k miles in Houston. I eventually wrecked it, and regrettably sold it to JR who ended up fixing and flipping it.

    I now ride a 2014 Tahoe PPV, cool car.

    I was passing by a car show in Sugarland, and a Dakar M3 stopped me in my tracks. I went in to talk to the owner, older gentleman who said he bought it a couple years back on an airstrip, Japanese car.

    Seeing this engine was a treat.

    black m-rain interior, 5 speed. Beautiful car.

    anyone else miss the guy that was swapping an LS1 into his silver e36 m3 coupe, and had a ferrari and stuff? Project pasta muncher I think? The progress on that thing was fantastic- I don’t think he made a new acct.. I also remember AJCanadian haha. Hope you all are doing well.

    EDIT: Having trouble uploadfing pictures, it says "Upload failed due to your usergroup's upload quota. This file will require 3.14 MB but you only have 537.1 KB of 537.1 KB remaining." Will upload pics ASAP
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    Welcome back.


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      Yea unfortunately the new forum never really picked back up. Or at least, the pace is a lot slower. Good info still of course.


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        Welcome back. Most oldtimers are still here.
        Yes, the pace is slower, but you still can get all the information you need.