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Black E36 M3 Coupe and Sedan Floor Mats are Back in Dealer Stock (9/10/21)

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  • Black E36 M3 Coupe and Sedan Floor Mats are Back in Dealer Stock (9/10/21)

    As many of you know, BMW had a 2020 production run of floor mats that ended up being convertible size mats with Coupe and Sedan part numbers. The correct size are finally back in stock with US dealers.

    Part Number: 82111469805
    US dealer inventory was 100 available on 9/10/21

    Please do not ask me about other colors. I am not BMW. CALL YOUR DEALER.
    Please do not ask me to assist you in buying them. If ECS, FCP, whomever doesn't show availability, then clearly they are not aware that they are back in stock. Go talk to them about pushing the order through, not me. I get mine at my local dealer (Fresno BMW) because they give me wholesale pricing and they are local. Hit up your dealer if online vendors won't serve you.

    The 2021 mats look good enough. The only real change is the ///M3 is no longer strictly embroidered. It sits on a patch like insert. The middle stripe is modern blue and not the original purple though (that part does suck). I don't really subscribe to any particular E36 version of mat over the years being better than another. They all have issues and are yearly wear items in my opinion. The originals and subsequent ones that also used the foam backing seem to get the highest praise, but they are also the shittiest with age. Argue away if you want, they are floor mats.

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    Always better to have something VS NLA.

    They wear, but yearly?


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      Brett has a very heavy foot.


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        I wish they reproduce the All Season Matts for coupes


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          Go to Home Depot and buy a piece of mat. Put the original mat on top, draw outline and cut it out.

          I did this for my trunkmat to protect the OEM one.


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            I got the bavauto all season mats. If they make a nice liner, I'm in. I have 3 sets of new mats at this point. Guess I'll buy another set!