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Anybody using Liqui Moly 10W-40 synthetic blend?

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  • Anybody using Liqui Moly 10W-40 synthetic blend?

    Awhile back FCP went live on IG and had a rep from Liqui Moly in Germany do a Q&A. He recommended 10W -40 Liqui Moly synthetic blend for the S52. Looking for thoughts and opinions. Currently, I use 5-40 Liqui Moly.

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    I use the 5W-40 also and have been happy with it. See no need to look for anything else.


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      "Synthetic blend" = "not synthetic". Avoid.
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        I'm using the 5W-40 synthetic as well. Did the rep state why we would want to use the blend?

        If I recall BMW switched the recommendation from dino to synthetic oil on the 99s.


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          “All around the world, other than in Germany, Group III and Group IV motor oils are both labelled as Synthetic Motor Oils. This is not allowed in Germany. In fact, according to German Law, German Motor Oils have to clearly differentiate between the two.”

          I fell into this trap years ago after I once ordered the same Castrol Magnatec from Germany, what was sold domestically as synthetic, what turned out to be HC oil.

          The 5L canisters from Germany costs half(!) as much.


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            Been using Rotella 5W40 for the past two years. First blackstone report came back great (after the second 5K mile interval oil change, they said I could easily go 7K on the next one). Granted, I'm in MI and only drive during the late spring - fall and temps really aren't much of a factor.


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              FCP lists it as an option for the s50 engine. I guess you can go either Liquidmoly full synthetic or blend provided you don't have oil burning/pressure issues.


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                I have always run Mobil-1 15-50 and I have no trouble burning it.