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Intermitent CEL flash = Knock Sensor

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  • Intermitent CEL flash = Knock Sensor

    I can go for weeks and then the car, 95M, check engine light will flick on and off almost always between 1 to 2 shift and around 3,000 rpm. Once that happens it may go days, weeks again without it reoccurring. Reading the code says it is a knock sensor. I've researched this and have a few questions:
    1. the code does not indicate the engine is knocking (I use 93 octane, car has chip) but that the sensor is failing. True?
    2. if the CEL goes out does that mean the problem is only present for that second it flashes?
    3. have read where people say it is an alternator issue on the 95, not really the knock sensor (alternator just checked out as charging ok). True?
    Any and all thoughts appreciated. Thanks

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    Knock sensors need to be replaced. The housings crack with age. They're tough to get to w/o removing the intake manifold.

    Had similar issue on my 95. Replaced them and havent had an issue since.

    You're fine to continue to run as is, I drove/tracked the car for 2 years with the same CEL issues.


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      Thanks for the info! Main concern was about driving until weather turned warm enough to work in garage. Knowing I can drive it is good news!