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  • BC Racing BR Series Coilover

    Hi, Just wanted to get some feedback regarding these coilovers and if anyone else is currently running them. I'm coming from stock suspension on my '99, car feels a need to freshin up a bit. Not a trackday car but a weekend warrior. Providing other suspension parts are in decent condition, what can I expect from these? my bushings, RTABs are fairly new ~15k miles. Xbrace is arguably the only enhancement I have. LMK thoughts feedbacks etc and if there are other options at this price point ($1k) that I should also be considering and not overlooking. A feature worthy of mentioning is that these have front camber plates...
    thanks in advance.

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    Consider ST XTA or KW V1.
    BC makes up for a lower build quality and less R&D by adding more features. 32 way dampening isn't necessary or able to be utilized really on coilovers of that quality level. If I was looking for cheap with camber plates I'd choose ISC over BC.