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S50/52 Dinan Supercharger vs S54 Swap

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  • S50/52 Dinan Supercharger vs S54 Swap

    Been considering the Dinan Supercharger vs an S54 swap for some time now. California car, so forced induction has to be Dinan and the S54 swap has to be BAR appropriate. I’m sure many members have driven either or both (whereas I have driven neither) and am hoping you can share your opinion/experience.

    To me, the S54 swap is poised on a purist pedestal because of its likeness to the S50b32, which in my mind is the true e36 power plant. And making over 300hp all motor is very satisfying.

    But I feel that the Dinan Supercharger has more horsepower potential, and is far less complicated to install (although sourcing one is an issue.) I do feel this odd disappointment that the s50/52 requires forced induction (and passes emissions) to be remotely competitive with most modern cars.

    I’m not a track nut and probably wouldn’t put the extra 50-70 hp to great use, but it would be nice to step on the gas pedal and smile from ear to ear every once in a while.

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      I’ve read that thread a few times. Some of the people who have commented actually finished their swaps since, hoping to get their thoughts in here. But thanks for the link.