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Wire and Terminal Identification

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  • Wire and Terminal Identification

    1997 M3 Coupe

    I have a Bentley and looked through the wiring portion of the book but I can't track this particular wire down.

    It is the right wire in the photo below, with the 'Fix' tape wrapped around it.

    It is Purple/Green with Yellow stripes and the connector is in the picture. I searched (2) seperate sedans (Non-M) at my local JY but couldn't find this wire in either of them.

    01 - Unknown Wiring 1 by Michael Rickerd, on Flickr

    Also, could someone identify what is supposed to go in this terminal located in the passenger side footwell? Right next to the heater box. This car had an S54 in it before I bought it and this area has a lot of wiring splices in it. It feels important. I also checked JY cars (Non-M) but they didn't have this terminal either.

    03 - Unknown Terminal 1 by Michael Rickerd, on Flickr

    Thanks for your help.

    - Mike

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    Second picture is the alarm/keyless entry connector.
    The first picture of the purple wire is the hood switch, also for the alarm/keyless.

    Yes, those JY cars had that connector too. That connector is cloth taped to other wires and is unwrapped for use with the optional keyless entry install. EVERY E36 has it, it's just not fun to find. You do not need to use the hood switch for the keyless entry kit. Leaving disconnected just bypasses the switch.

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