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AC Compressor Issue?

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  • AC Compressor Issue?

    I never use AC really but with the recent heat in Socal I've been using it here and there. An issue I have though is that whenever I turn the AC on, the car will violently shake after about 15 seconds. This *violent* shaking won't go away until I turn the AC off and it stops about 10 seconds after I do. Not really the most knowledgable on the AC system and am wondering if I would need to replace the whole compressor or if it's a compressor issue at all.

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    This sounds like a bound up compressor to me.

    The 15 second delay is probably the time it takes to engage the compressor after the button is pushed. The shaking is the belt slipping on either the main crank or the compressor pulley itself.

    I would pull the AC belt and see if you can spin the compressor by hand with the AC both engaged and disengaged. Make sure you do this in as safe a way as possible.