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Your reasons for choosing an E36 over the E46

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    I ran radio delete for over a decade... no distractions.


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      Having no radio in the e30 is probably the single largest reason I don't drive the car more. I have to get on that.


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        My e36 has had blown speakers since the day I got it lol. And the radio in the e46 won't turn off. Like the button is broken so you have to just turn it all the way down. And here people wanna talk about interior build quality as if they aren't both complete horse shit lmao.

        I wish BMW gave a flying fuck about their classics and would make something like a PCCM unit, I would put one of those in.
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          Ain't gonna happen. But you know, with the CDC connection you can add lots of modern to make it up to date, yet retain all the factory looks.


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            Yea I accept that BMW does not care about their classics at all. Too bad. Imagine if they reissued some of the discontinued parts like the wings and carbon trim etc...


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              Originally posted by MParallel View Post
              Who cares it's faster anyways? Like that is a reason not to buy a car. Yeah I prefer 99,9999% of it over the other, but the other one is faster, so I pick that one? If that, might as well buy a Top Fuel Dragster right away and be done with.

              The title is actually a bit funny with the "over the E46" bit. The E46 wasn't even on my radar when picking the E36. And apart from the M3, I think it has aged terribly compared to the E36,

              This is my sentiment exactly. The E46 M3 has never really been a car that I wanted. Just didn't catch my eye and honestly still doesn't stand out much.The S54, now that's a different story.

              I wanted an E36 since I first saw Next Friday haha! I fell back in love with the E36 M3 around 2013 because of how much of a bargain they were. Looks, performance, dependability, great history, and overall value. Literally a total package, all could be had for 10k or less. What was not to like?